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Colouring activity of house with rainbow

Activities for all ages

We have a variety of learning activities suitable for all ages for everyone to enjoy, from colouring books to jigsaw puzzles.

Christmas Pudding card

Why not create your own 3D Christmas card? We'd love to see your results on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We might even have a go ourselves...

Learn about the fascinating story of how Bath has been supplied with water since the Middle Ages

You can follow this link to watch a talk on Bath's water supply records, given in collaboration with Bath University's Water Innovation and Research Centre: Springs, pipes, reservoirs and rates: historical water management in the city of Bath.

Build Your Own Family Tree

Have a go and see what you can discover about your family as well as other activities.

Download the booklet here

'Lockdown' - Short Story and Poetry Competitions

This competition is now closed. Winners will be announced on Saturday 13th June.

Entries will be included in our Corona Captured collections.


May is Local History month, so whilst you are out on your walk, why not take a look around and see if you can see something you haven't noticed before. Why not take our list with you - take a photo of anything you find and post it on social media or add it to our Corona Captured gallery. Happy hunting. (NB please don't make a special trip to find these items)

Local History I-Spy


Jigsaws can be fun, educational, calming and absorbing. We have created (and tested) several online jigsaws based on images from the collections. There are a variety of subjects, from complicated multiple-piece images to some simpler ones suitable for children. We will add more over time - let us know what you think.

Jigsaw website here

Colouring Books

We have images of all sorts in the Record Office. We have turned some into black and white images you can colour in, many of them showing the history of the City of Bath that you may not immediately recognise. If you don't see an image you like, why not try drawing your own picture of a building or bridge or even designing a fancy illuminated letter.

We'd love to see your efforts in completing some of these images so why not post them up on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and tag us into the results - we're at @bathnesBRO on all platforms.

Design your own coat of arms

Have a closer look at the Bath Coat of Arms, and have a go at designing a coat of arms for yourself, your family, or for where you live. Download worksheet here.

'Building a Healthier City' exhibition

You can download our latest exhibition (intended for World Heritage Day 2020) which features our current project, funded by Wellcome Trust, to conserve and catalogue records of public health in Bath from the 18th-20th centuries.

Download the exhibition here