Bath Burial Index

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Cemetery id Surnamesort ascending Forenames Born (approx.) Died Buried Age Notes
St Swithin's Adams Mary Ann 1805 23-Dec-1860 55
St Swithin's Adams William 1853 24-Jun-1861 7
St Swithin's Adams Jonas 1832 15-Sep-1861 29
St Swithin's Adams Jane 1861 3-Jan-1862 0 6w
St Swithin's Adams Isabella 1856 10-Apr-1863 6
St Swithin's Adams Alma Elizabeth 1855 10-Jan-1864 8
Combe Hay Adams Joane 10-May-1623
Chew Stoke Adams John 23-Mar-1762 s/o William
Chew Stoke Adams Mary 25-Dec-1768
Chew Stoke Adams James Dec-1779 s/o William & Mary
Chew Stoke Adams William 13-Jul-1809
Chew Stoke Adams Sarah 1799 14-Mar-1819 19
Chew Stoke Adams Mary 1817 2-May-1819 1
Chew Stoke Adams Mary 1733 18-Jun-1820 86
Chew Stoke Adams Rebecca 1803 18-Aug-1824 21
Chew Stoke Adams Amy Daisy 1902 7-Feb-1983 10-Feb-1983 80 w/o Thomas Wilton, née George
Chew Stoke Adams Clifford Jack 1899 5-Apr-1991 9-Apr-1991 91 h/o Annie J
Chew Stoke Adams Annie Jane 1900 3-Jan-1992 9-Jan-1992 91 [ashes] Nance (Annie); w/o Clifford J, née Snook
Chew Stoke Adams John 1944 6-Jan-1996 12-Jan-1996 51
Chew Stoke Adams Thomas Wilton 1906 28-Feb-1997 5-Mar-1997 90 h/o Amy Daisy
Farleigh Hungerford Adams Alfred 1868 27-Jun-1869 1 13m
Farleigh Hungerford Adams Noah 1831 3-Oct-1878 47
Lullington Adams Jane 25-Aug-1741 widow
Berkley Adams Bidgitt 3-Jul-1681
Berkley Adams William 2-Jan-1686
Berkley Adams Nov-1688 child of William
Berkley Adams Ann 8-Jul-1693
Berkley Adams 1699 child of Sarah
Berkley Adams 16-Mar-1699 child of William
Berkley Adams Beatrice 2-Jun-1700 d/o John
Berkley Adams William 26-Aug-1705
Berkley Adams Mary 10-Dec-1714 widow
Berkley Adams John 22-Jan-1715 s/o Edward
Berkley Adams Isaac 23-Oct-1716
Berkley Adams 13-Dec-1716 d/o William
Berkley Adams Robert 13-Jan-1717 s/o John
Berkley Adams Esther 15-Jun-1718 d/o John
Berkley Adams John 12-Mar-1721
Berkley Adams Elizabeth 24-Mar-1721 d/o Henry
Berkley Adams 26-Apr-1723 w/o William of ye y___er
Berkley Adams Elizabeth 7-Aug-1723 w/o John
Berkley Adams Edward 20-Aug-1727
Berkley Adams Anthony 27-Oct-1727 s/o Abraham
Berkley Adams Margery 1-Jan-1727
Berkley Adams Hannah 11-May-1728
Berkley Adams Abraham 19-May-1732 s/o Abraham
Berkley Adams Mary 10-Dec-1732 w/o Abraham
Berkley Adams Susan 29-Nov-1733
Berkley Adams William 20-Oct-1734
Berkley Adams William 11-Feb-1734