Photograph of the funeral of H M Skrine of Bath, 1915, from a family scrapbook Show image info

Funeral of H M Skrine of Bath, 1915, a photograph from a family scrapbook (ref. 0217/1)

Burial indexes

If you're trying to locate the date of death or the burial place of an ancestor, the Record Office holds some resources which may help.

The best place to start your search is with the Bath Burial Index, which has been compiled from a variety of sources by a dedicated team of volunteers led by Philip Bendall. Although not yet quite complete, the index is an outstanding resource, and a short-cut to finding out burial information. Find out more about the index.

Parish burial registers are very useful, especially if you're looking for burials before the mid nineteenth century. See a list of all the parish registers we hold.

Most parish church graveyards were full by the mid nineteenth century, and burial boards were set up to provide new, large cemeteries. We hold a small number of registers and fee books for some of these cemeteries. You can find out what we hold by searching our online catalogue - put 'burial board' in the text search box.

We hold transcriptions of the memorial inscriptions on tombstones and monuments in a number of the churches and churchyards of Bath. These have been compiled by various individuals and groups at different dates. See a full list of what we hold, which has been compiled by Philip Bendall.