Visitors list from the Bath Chronicle June 1787 Visitors list from the Bath Chronicle June 1787 Show image info

Visitors list from the Bath Chronicle June 1787

Georgian Newspaper Project

Find out about life in Georgian Bath

The Bath Chronicle has been a feature of life in Bath since 1760. Newspapers from the past, with their news articles, advertisements and notices, give us a fascinating insight into life at different periods and provide information that can’t be found elsewhere.

Thanks to the hard work of a team of volunteers, you can now search selected Georgian Bath Chronicle newspapers between 1770 and 1799. The contents were hand-indexed, thus minimising the errors that are common in computer-scanning of newspapers from this era. Not all papers in this date range were indexed as the project was ended before it could be completed.

The results are shown as a summary of the newspaper entry. It does not show the complete text of the entry. If you wish a copy of an item, please request a copy following these instructions. Confirmation of the costs will be made before your order is finalised.

Search the database

Notes on searching the database:

  • Searchable by keyword or by subject heading, narrowing by date range. The subjects include: art, fashion, crime, punishment, pets and politics.
  • Try different spelling options - there is no fuzzy searching to automatically include alternate spellings.
  • Not all years are included in the date range.
  • Adverts were often run several times over succeeding weeks so will appear in the results for each occasion they were published.
  • First names were not commonly included, unless for clarification, so prioritise searching by surname.

The project, which has now come to an end, was run entirely by volunteers under the leadership of the editor, Dr Donald Straughan, also a volunteer.