View of Southgate Street showing the decorations for the 1897 Jubilee View of Southgate Street showing the decorations for the 1897 Jubilee Show image info

View of Southgate Street during 1897 Diamond Jubilee celebrations

Platinum Jubilee 2022 - crowdsourcing celebrations and commemorations

We need your help for two projects to record Royal jubilees as celebrated in Bath & North East Somerset in 1887, 1897, 1935, 1977, 2002, and 2012.

  • Recording Royal jubilees. We are looking for your records and reminiscences of previous jubilees. Bath Record Office is collecting records of Royal jubilee celebrations in Bath & North East Somerset from 1887 to the present day.
  • Local Commemorations of Royal jubilees. We also want to map and record as many places as possible where jubilees have been commemorated by building, planting or installing objects across Bath & North East Somerset from streets to benches.

Recording Royal Jubilees.

We would like residents of Bath & North East Somerset to send in copies or originals of photos, films, leaflets, or objects (like mugs, coins etc.) recording past jubilee celebrations. You can deposit digital copies and images online via our upload page or you can send items to us at:

Bath Record Office, Guildhall, High Street, Bath BA1 5AW


Local commemorations of Royal jubilees.

Do you live on Jubilee Way? Do you walk your dog in Jubilee Woods? Is there a Jubilee drinking fountain, bench, lych gate or clock tower in your town or village? Local communities, churches, societies and individuals collected money to commemorate Royal jubilees in their own communities, often in a unique way. We are looking for help to map locations across Bath & North East Somerset where a commemorative item has been raised, lowered, installed, built or just named for a Royal jubilee. Please use our online submission form to submit your suggestion and, if possible, provide a photograph of the item and its inscription. We will be recording these on a map and would like to include the images as part of the record.

We will produce an online gallery to share highlights of the crowdsourcing campaign in the coming weeks.