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Photograph of an early nineteenth-century title deed Show image info

Title deed to a commercial property in Union Street, Bath, 1820 (ref. 0102A/171)

Records for House History

Do you want to discover the history of a house or building in Bath?

You could:

  • Find out about the people who have lived in your house
  • Find the original building plans for your house, or discover how it has been altered over the years
  • See how buildings have changed in appearance or in use
  • Stand outside the door of the house your ancestors lived in.

Before you start, decide whether you want to find out about the building itself, or about its owners and occupants - or both.

We can help you carry out your research.  We hold building plans and large-scale maps which will help you to research the building itself.  If you are lucky, we may also hold photographs of the property, or it may feature in books on the architectural history of Bath, particularly if it is a listed building.

If you want to find out about the occupants, and the uses to which the property was put, then you can look at trade directories, electoral registers, rate books and census returns.  In some cases, we may hold title deeds or leases to the property.

Find out more about the records we hold which will help you trace the history of a house or building.