The Record Office staff will welcome you to the search room and advise you on your request. Some members of staff are also engaged on a special short-term project.

Record Office Staff

Principal Archivist
Richard Meunier, BA (Hons), MA in Archives & Records Management

 Local Studies Librarian
 Anne Buchanan, MA (Hons), MPhil., PGDip, MCILIP

Wellcome Trust Project Lead Archivist
Lucy Powell, MA (Cantab), MSc Arch. Admin., RMARA


Collections Manager & Wellcome Trust Project Archivist
Drew Westerman, BA (Hons), MScEcon in Archive Administration


Collections Manager & Wellcome Trust Project Archivist
Hannah Whittingham, BA (Hons), MLitt

Assistant Local Studies Librarian
Holly Trant, BA (Hons), MA, MBA

Holly Trant

Archives Assistant
Stephanie Adams, BA (Hons), MA, PhD


Wellcome Trust Project Conservator
Pamela Murray, BA (Hons), MSc Conservation in Practice