Transcriptions of the letters

Here you can read transcriptions of all the fascinating Langton letters.

The transcriptions were made by a Bath Record Office volunteer, who transcribed the English letters and translated those in French;  the Spanish letters were transcribed by a Spanish academic historian.  We are very grateful to both for their hard work. Editing and some further transcription was carried out by Record Office staff.

Spelling in the letters has all been transcribed as in the original.  Punctuation has however been amended to make the letters easier to read; in some cases this has extended to separating the text into paragraphs.

There are three different series of letters:

1. Five letters sent to Miguel Langton in Cadiz by his family in Bath, between 1809 and 1810
These letters were presumably kept by Miguel, and returned to his family after his death. (Reference 0770/1/1).

 Download the transcriptions

2. Twenty-three letters sent by Agustín  Butler to Miguel Theobald Langton.
 The early letters deal with the illness and death of Miguel Langton, while the rest deal with settling the will. (Reference 0770/1/2)

 Download the transcriptions

3. Copy letter book of Miguel Theobald Langton.
This consists of 204 closely-written pages in five sections, into which he copied the letters he wrote to a wide range of people.  All of the letters written in English and Spanish have been transcribed; all of the letters written in French have been transcribed and translated. (Reference 0770/1/3)

Download the transcriptions of the letter book:

Section1, pages 1-44

Section 2, pages 45-76

Section 3, pages 77-96

Section 4, pages 97-128 (note that the first letter in section 4 starts on page 9)

Letter found loose in the Copy Book