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Taking notes with a pencil

Handling and copying records

The collections in the Record Office are a wonderful resource which we want everyone to use and enjoy. We also want to keep them safe so that future generations can use and enjoy them as well.

To do this, we ensure that the collections are stored safely, and we ask you to handle them carefully and follow a few straightforward rules which you can see here. In particular, we ask that you use only pencils, not pens, so remember to bring a pencil with you!

We are able to photocopy and scan most of the documents we hold. Occasionally we are unable to copy documents or bound volumes because of copyright restrictions or because an item is too fragile or bound too tightly. Staff will be able to advise on what restrictions might apply.  See our searchroom copying charges.

We are happy to allow you to use a digital camera or phone camera (without a flash), as long as there are no copyright restrictions on the material you wish to copy - please check with us before taking any photographs. There is no charge for using your own camera. You may only use these images for personal research - please ask about taking copies for publication in any form.