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Bath General Hospital

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A plaque on a wall by the remnants of the city wall in Upper Borough Walls has “This piece of ground was in the year/ 1736 set apart for the burial of patients dying in the Bath General/ Hospital, and after receiving 238/ bodies was closed by the governors/ of that charity in the year 1849,/ from the regard to the health of the/ living”.

The Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette of 14 Jun 1849 p3 carried a report of the decision to close “the small burial ground belonging to the Hospital situated immediately opposite the Commercial Rooms” and that “The ground has been covered with a coating of concrete five inches thick”. The Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette of 6 Oct 1849 reported that “the portion of the old city wall which forms one of the boundaries of the burial ground in question has been substantially repaired by the Governors of the Hospital, with the laudable desire of preserving this interesting relic of the olden time.” 

No records for burials here have been found.

Upper Borough Walls
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