Batheaston, St John the Baptist

Number of Burials: 
5715 (from 1783)

The churchyard is open at all times and is accessible from Northend. It is possible to park by the side of the road

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St John the Baptist, Batheaston



The 12th-century church was changed in the 15th century and a western tower rebuilt in 1834 by John Pinch the Younger. The church is on a narrow road running north from the former A4 to Northend. Parking may be difficult due to the limited vacant spaces. The graveyard is on sloping ground around the church. From the entrance there are paths on the southern side of the church leading uphill and northwards, on level ground, to the northern section. There is a war memorial by the entrance. There were between 20 and 40 burials a year during the 19th century.

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Burials per year

In 2014 it was proposed that a Garden of Remembrance be built near the church for burial of cremated remains, the existing churchyard having become full. This is in Section B, north of the church.

Cremation wall


The Register Book of the Parish of Batheaston 1634-1812. No author and no date.  Two versions of the transcript occur at Bath Central Library, one covers 1634-1700 and seems to be the original; the other 1634-1812 and has been copied with some of it being very faint. [Bath Central Library, Bath Record Office]

Inscriptions by David L Houldridge, 1980. Copy at Bath Record Office; 142 records. [Bath Record Office]

The parish has Burial Registers for the periods 1942-1992 and 1992-, an Alphabetical List of Burials giving year of burial and the plot number, and a Grave Register giving, for each plot, the names of those buried there and documentation of memorial inscriptions. As the register for the period 1904-1942 has not been found, documentation is limited to that from memorials.

Documentation of graves by Nick & Heather Fixsen was produced in 1994 with copies deposited in the safe in the church, in the library of Bath University and at the Somerset Records Office at Taunton

Burial Register Microfiches:  1634-1885 [Bath Record Office]. The original register of 1600 entries for 1886-1903 is at the Somerset Heritage Centre. There is no microfiche copy.

National Burial Index: 4,307 records (1607-1942)