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Ebenezer Chapel, Widcombe

circa 1831
Number of Burials: 
Number of Memorials: 
The original part of Widcombe Ebenezer Chapel.jpg

The original part of Widcombe Ebenezer Chapel

The Ebenezer Chapel was originally Congregational, then Methodist before being used as an Anglican church and then by the independent Baptists. Burials occurred in the crypt of the chapel when it was a Methodist Chapel. A few memorials as metal plaques survive and record 7 names, these having dates in the period 1831-1835. Another name is painted on the wall in the crypt.

It is reported that all remains were removed from the crypt and reburied in Haycombe cemetery.


Ebenezer Chapel, Widcombe Register of burials 1834-1837 [The National Archives RG4/1755]