Locksbrook - St Saviour's

Number of Burials: 
4,550 (1864-1998)

Within recent years the Council has used offenders under a ‘community payback’ scheme to tidy up the cemetery. The Council’s maintenance regime has the whole cemetery strimmed every month during the growing season.

The cemetery for the parish of St Saviour’s is within Locksbrook Cemetery which opened in 1864.

Overall Layout with the area or St Saviour's Cemetery Within Locksbrook Cemetery.jpg

Overall layout with the area of St Saviour’s Cemetery within Locksbrook Cemetery

Sections A and B and the western part of Section D are relatively level. However Section C and the eastern part of Section D are on land which slopes steeply down to the Lock’s Brook which is the eastern boundary for most of Locksbrook Cemetery. As part of the agreement to develop the section to the north of the area for Weston parish some of the new land was given to St Saviour’s in exchange for using some of its land for the pathway. Sections A, B and C are consecrated. For section D about 77% is unconsecrated. Overall 85% of burials were in consecrated ground. Nearly 9% of burials have a section number different from A-D, suggesting that they were buried in the Walcot section of the cemetery. For example two burials are given as at P.B.42, both being qualified by 'Walcot'.

Bath & NE Somerset Council’s Bereavement Services has the burial registers for this cemetery. Access to this register has been refused but scanned images for the burial index have been provided for the cost of scanning. This index gives a chronological list of burials, grouped by the initial letter of the surname. There are two volumes, the first from the opening until 1928 and the second from 1928 to present. There were 4,550 burials. The index entries supplied have the name, date of burial, number of the entry in the burial register and location. There is no age and, where possible, this has been found from the corresponding death registration. A draft index is available at Bath Record Office.

The path (on the right) leadng to the St Saviour's Area.jpg

The path (on the right) leading to the St Saviour’s area.

Section B from the northwest

Number of burials per year St Saviours.png

Number of burials per year

The maps of the areas for St Saviour’s only has sections A-D but the burial locations given in the index also have other sections. The distribution of burials across the sections has 76% in the St Saviour sections A-D and 24% in sections other than these, presumably in the Walcot sections of the cemetery.

Bath Record Office has account books that record the fees paid for burials. The entries are in chronological order. The information in those books has the name, date of burial and the fees paid. It does not provide abode but does indicate whether or not a fee was paid for a memorial. The dates of burial in the account book are sometimes suspect, as if recording the date of the payment of fees rather than the burial.

Bath Record Office has a large map of the whole of Locksbrook Cemetery dated 1871. This shows the individual sections and the numbering scheme within those sections. In contrast to other cemeteries in Bath, the numbering scheme is not a simple section, row and plot arrangement.


The burial registers for the Walcot section of Locksbrook Cemetery are held by Bath & NE Somerset’s Bereavement Services. The Council offers a service to locate a grave.

Index to Burials at St Saviour’s Cemetery, Bath. A 2011 draft is available at Bath Record Office.