Locksbrook Weston

Number of Burials: 

Within recent years the Council has used offenders under a ‘community payback’ scheme to tidy up the cemetery. The Council’s maintenance regime has the whole cemetery strimmed every month during the growing season.

With the increase in population during the 19th century, the parish of Weston acquired land south of Cedric Road which was incorporated into Locksbrook Cemetery. It was consecrated on Thu 27 Sep 1877 by the Bishop of Bath and Wells and administered by a burial board with sections for Anglicans and nonconformists. According to the press report on the consecration, the burial board “have been able to effect an arrangement with the representatives of the parishes of Walcot and St. Saviour’s, for the use of the present chapel for all interments from Weston, thus saving to the latter place the expense of providing an extra building of the kind. One seventh of the entire ground is appropriated for the burial of Dissenters, and another strip is set apart for St. Saviour’s, in consideration of some portion of the land being used in the construction of new roads.”

Central Section.jpg

Central Section

Eastern Section.jpg

Eastern Section

Location of the Weston Section of Locksbrook Cemetery.jpg

Location of the Weston section of Locksbrook cemetery


Graves are identified by a letter and a number. The letter simply designates a block of about 6 rows, starting at A at the southern side and increasing to H at the northern side. The numbers of the graves are unique. However, while the numbering is well-behaved in the western and central parts, it is more confused in the eastern part. The southern rows constitute the nonconformist section.

Of the 5,832 burials, 1,711 names appear on memorials.

The central part is level. The land drops down at the western end into an area with relatively few memorials. At the eastern end the land slopes down from the central part and then there is an abrupt drop down to the Lock’s Brook, again with few memorials.

Arrangement of surviving memorials.jpg

Arrangement of surviving memorials

Number of burials per year locksbrook.png

Number of burials per year

The number of burials after 1937, when Haycombe cemetery opened, is more than 1,700. When the cemetery gates are open it is possible to drive through to the Weston section. A water trough can be found under the trees where the drive splits into two.


Locksbrook Cemetery: Weston Section – Burial Register Entries, P J Bendall. Draft 2012 [Bath Record Office]. This includes a name index and a partial location index. Draft versions of maps are available at Bath Record Office.


The burial registers for this part of Locksbrook Cemetery are held by B&NES Bereavement Services. It has only been possible to obtain scanned images of the indexes, not the registers themselves. Only for the third volume for the period 1939-1990 is there the location of the graves. A survey of the surviving memorials has been undertaken, maps produced and grave locations added to pre-1939 burials where this is possible. About half of the graves have been able to be located. Further survey work is needed to produce definitive maps.