Moravian Burial Ground

circa 1792
Number of Burials: 

The leases on the properties oblige the leaseholders to give public access to the burial ground. However, prior agreement of a visit is recommended.

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Moravian Cottages

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There have been a series of Moravian churches in Bath with a chapel in Monmouth Street in 1765, moving to Charlotte Street in 1834, then Coronation Avenue, Oldfield Park in 1907 and Weston in 1950.

The burial ground is to the rear of 1 and 2 Moravian Cottages, Weston Road, built in the 1780s but the burial ground is believed to have started circa 1792 when one of the cottages was sold to William Evenis a member of the Moravian congregation.

The burial ground is 38’ (9.7m) wide and 112’ (34m) long. In general it has 5 plots per row and 38 rows. Rows 18-23 have 6 plots per row.

According to the Bath Preservation Trust ‘Bath Matters’ newsletter of Spring 2021 p6, there was a proposal for some works including ‘new decking . . . and the relocation of the original grave markers to sit alongside the boundary wall, having previously been moved from their historical position to form raised flower beds. . . . Consent has been granted, with a condition that a photographic and written record of all grave markers is created.’


RG4/3253 Moravian Burials, Weston Lane 1826-1840. [Bath Record Office]

List of names, dates and ages with a map of who is buried where, 1991 [Bath Record Office].


The documentation at Bath Record Office only covers a limited period and there are inconsistencies between the two sets of information. The map has mainly initials and surnames, a few with dates. Further information is available at the Moravian Archives in N London.