St Michael's, Lower Weston

Number of Burials: 
3,625 (1,623 plots)
Number of Memorials: 

Maintained by the Council.


A gate at the eastern end of the cemetery gives access to a driveway that runs along the southern boundary.

The parish of St Michael had the option to join with Walcot in the establishment of what became Locksbrook Cemetery. Its share of the expense would have been a sixth of the total but it decided instead to buy 2 acres of land near St John’s, Upper Bristol Road from a Miss Leir for £600. Two mortuary chapels, one Anglican the other nonconformist, were designed by Manners and Gill. The laying out of the land and the cost of building the chapels came to £1500. It was consecrated on 16 Jun 1862.

The location of St Michael's Cemetery, Lower Weston.jpg

The location of St Michael’s Cemetery, Lower Weston

The approximately rectangular site has the graves aligned in a general east-west orientation with about 46 plots per row at its greatest extent. At the western end is an octagonal nonconformist chapel while, towards the eastern end, is a more conventionally shaped Anglican chapel with a tower. Both chapels are leased out.

Noncomformist Chapel.jpg

Nonconformist chapel

Anglican Chapel.jpg

Anglican chapel

A large map of the cemetery is held by Bath Record Office. This has some handwritten annotations on some graves giving the surname but this cannot be relied on to find a particular grave.

The graves are arranged in a grid with rows A-Z (plus Za) for the consecrated area and AA-TT for the unconsecrated area. The consecrated area is the eastern part of the ground. The plot numbers start at 1 by the southern driveway.

Number of burials per year St Michaels's lower weston.png

Number of burials per year

From The Bath Chronicle of Sat 25 Apr 1914 p3 col d:


The burial registers for the cemetery are held by Bath & NE Somerset Council’s Bereavement Services who offer a service to locate a grave.

However, name and location indexes for this cemetery are available at Bath Record Office.