Ston Easton


From the Western Daily Press of Fri 10 Apr 1891 p3:


After complete restoration, which has been some time in progress, the Church of Ston Easton was yesterday re-opened for service. The work has been thoroughly accomplished by the contractors, Messrs Thompson, of Peterborough, under the direction of Sir George Blomfield. The interior was cleared of the galleries and square deal pews with which it was disfigured, leaving only the bare walls of the fabric. The nave has now been paved with wooden blocks, and open seats of oak have been substituted for the old deal pews. The Norman arch of the chancel has been cleared of the yellow colouring that had been an eyesore, and openings have been pierced on with side of it, thus allowing a better view to commanded of the chancel. A new vestry and organ chamber have been added, as also a heating apparatus and handsome lamps. . . .


At Somerset Heritage Centre:

  • D/P/sto.e 2/1/6 Burials 1813-1943
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