Stratton-on-the-Fosse: St Vigor

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The church is on Church lane off Fosseway. Buses between Bath and Wells have stops nearby on Fosseway.

The Anglican Church of St Vigor in Stratton-on-the-Fosse has been designated as a Grade I listed building.  It reputedly dates from the years following the Conquest through Saxon and Norman times with the Manor of Stratton ultimately passing around 1204 to a Norman family called Sancto Vigore, who came originally from the village of Saint-Vigor-le-Grand, Normandy. It is assumed that the church was dedicated by the Sancto Vigore family during a time of rebuilding from a possible simple Saxon or Norman church. The church is thought to have undergone minor work in 14th century, much rebuilt 15th and 16th centuries with further rebuilding in late 18th century and restoration in the 19th century. The chancel is said to have been rebuilt in 1765 and the north aisle (the Knatchbull chapel) in 1782.


At Somerset Heritage Centre:

  • D/P/str.on.f 2/1/2 Baptisms and Burials 1710-1743; Marriages 1712-1741
  • D/P/str.on.f 2/1/3 Baptisms 1722-1783, Marriages 1738-1752, Burials (broken series) 1738-1782
  • D/P/str.on.f 2/1/5 Baptisms 1784-1812, Burials 1783-1812
  • D/P/str.on.f 2/1/8 Burials 1813-1930
  • D/P/str.on.f 2/1/14 Burials 1930-2006

The post-2006 register is with the parish. In Feb 2020, this had 42 entries.

Church Lane, Stratton-on-the-Fosse, Radstock BA3 4QT
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