Number of Burials: 
1,973 (1562-2015)
Number of Memorials: 
About 100 in the lower burial ground and about 200 in the upper burial ground.

The Church of St Mary the Virgin is in Innox Lane, Upper Swainswick and can be reached from Lower Swainswick via the Gloucester Road either by the single-track Innox Lane itself (the junction has a signpost for the church) or from the higher turn-off into Tadwick Lane, past the houses and then a left turn downhill.

Access to the lower burial ground is from the gate to the church. For the upper burial ground, there are gates on two sides.


In the period 1813-1890 there were between 5 and 10 burials a year. From A Topographical Dictionary of England (1848) edited by Samuel Lewis, the parish then had 572 inhabitants.

The lower burial ground by the church has graves arranged east to west. From the level ground by the church the ground rises eastwards to a boundary wall. Some graves in the upper area are behind a large clump of brambles. An area on the slope has been designed as a 'conservation area'. The upper burial ground is on a slope and the graves are aligned north-east to south-west in a grid. The memorials in the lower section are conventional headstones and kerbstones while in the higher part the memorials are mainly small headstones on bases and some cremation plaques.



Transcript of Registers of Monkton Combe 1561-1812, Swainswick 1783-1812, Twerton 1670-. [Bath Central Library]

Burial Register Microfiches:  1557-1889 [Bath Record Office]

Transcripts / Indexes:           Bap., Marr., Bur.  1557-1799 and 1813-1840 [Bath Record Office]

Annals of the Parish of Swainwick by R E M Peach (1890) includes parish register entries for the periods 1557-1627 and 1629-1800 as well a transcriptions of memorials inside the church and two outside the church.

National Burial Index 3:         944 records (1558-1843)


Records in the index for the period 1889-1978 are currently limited to names on memorials and references to burials in the Bath Chronicle.