Twerton Cemetery

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Iron gates between the lodge and the chapel, on the northern side, give access to the main north-south path.

Entrance with Chapel and lodge.jpg

Entrance with chapel and lodge

The chapel.jpg

The chapel

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General view

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Extent of Twerton cemetery

In 1881, the Twerton Burial Board considered a plot of land on the Wells Road as a possible cemetery but this was too close to houses to comply with the regulations on burials. Instead a 2½ acre plot was bought from the Trustees of Bellott’s Hospital later that year. In June 1882 the Burial Board considered tenders for building a chapel, lodge and entrance gates. The chapel and a lodge (now a private residence) are either side of the entrance gates.

The southern part of the ground was reserved for Anglicans and this was consecrated by the Bishop of Bath & Wells on Mon 28 Aug 1882.

In September 1882 one of the 14 applicants for the post of gardener was selected. The graves are aligned east-west and the ground is bisected by a double row of trees that run east-west. On the southern side is the railway. It closed in 1937 when Haycombe Cemetery opened.

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Layout of Twerton cemetery

The graves are arranged in a grid with rows being designated A-Z and AA-SS. The plot numbers are in the range 1-28 for the consecrated area and 1-38 for the unconsecrated area.

There were about 8,400 burials and 800 memorials. Many of the graves are common ones. About a quarter of burials were for children aged under 11. Those buried were not exclusively from Twerton and a significant number were from Oldfield Park.

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Number of Burials by year



The burial registers for the cemetery are held by Bath & NE Somerset’s Bereavement Services department which offers a service to locate a grave.

Name and location indexes for this cemetery produced in 2014 are available at Bath Record Office.