Twerton St Michael's

Number of Burials: 
Number of Memorials: 
about 110

There two entrances, one on the western side from and one from the north-eastern corner.

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There were 4,667 burials in the period 1750-1920, between 10 and 20 per year in the 18th century rising to 40 and 60 a year in the 19th century, with peaks in 1832 and 1849 due to cholera. There where epidemics of influenza and typhoid in 1837 and 1838. After the opening of the Twerton Municipal Cemetery in 1881 (see separate description), there were only a few further burials, the last one being in 1920.

A plaque in the church records that the church, except for the tower, was rebuilt and refitted, being re-consecrated on 21 Jan 1886.

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Number of Burials per year





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