Walcot Methodist Church

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Walcot Methodist church

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Location of Walcot Methodist burial ground

Walcot Methodist Church, Nelson Place East, London Street was designed by the Rev William Jenkins. The foundation stone was laid on 31 Mar 1815 and it opened in May 1816. It was listed as a Grade II building in 1950. Behind it was its burial ground but this was cleared for development in the late 1980s and only a couple of memorials survive under bushes to the rear of the church. All excavated remains were re-buried at Haycombe Cemetery.

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Number of burials by year

The number of burials per year increased over the first couple of decades after opening to 120-140. In 1837 there was peak of 199 due to the influenza epidemic. After the opening of the Walcot section of Locksbrook cemetery in 1864 the rate decreased to less than 30 per year. After 1907 there were only 4 burials.

The four volumes of the burial register span the period from 1815-1928


Walcot Methodist Closed Burial Ground – List of Inscriptions on Gravestones and Memorials taken 7/8 Oct 1986 [Bath Record Office] This includes a map showing the original arrangement of graves.

Walcot Methodist Church – Burial registers (in 4 volumes) ref: M18/34-37 [Bath Record Office]

Walcot Methodist Church – Burial Register Entries, P J Bendall (2012) [Bath Record Office]