Number of Burials: 
154 (1813 - 1840)

Access to Woolley, whether from Upper Swainswick or from Lansdown via Charlcombe, is by a narrow lane. Church Street leads downhill from this lane. It is possible to park in the vicinity of the church in this street. A metal gate in the surrounding wall leads into the burial ground.

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The church

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The church of All Saints, built in 1761 but John Wood, the Younger, replaced a previous church on the site. It was formerly administered by St Mary the Virgin Bathwick. It is now part of the Benefice of St Saviour’s, Swainswick with Woolley. The Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales 1870-72 had the population as 71 and the number of houses as 14. In the period 1814-1840 there were only between 4 and 6 burials per year. A plaque in the church is “In thankful remembrance of the safe return of all the men Connected with this Parish who by land and sea served their King and Country In the Great War”.


Burial Register Microfiches: 1560-1812 [Bath Record Office]

Transcripts / Indexes: Bap., Marr., Bur. 1813-1840 [Bath Record Office]


The index only has entries for the period 1813-1840 and names from surviving memorials.