Imagine: a hundred years of homes in Bath - funded by the Wellcome Trust

Bath Record Office is currently working on a Wellcome Trust funded project entitled ‘Building a Healthier City 2: slum clearance, council housing and renovation in Bath, 1890-1995’ which you can read more about here.

Information for potential applicants for the Evaluator Consultant post

If you are considering applying for the role of Evaluator for this Engagement Project, please read this brief for further details.

The Wellcome Trust awarded Bath Record Office a further £17,900 to undertake a complimentary engagement project to introduce local community groups, in partnership with Creativity Works and the Genesis Trust,  to original housing records through creative activities.

Project Aims

This engagement project aims to:

  • work with two community groups affected by housing issues to develop artist-led workshops exploring housing archives;
  • deliver creative archive workshops to participants from the groups, to promote wellbeing;
  • evaluate creative approaches to archive engagement;
  • broaden Bath Record Office’s collections by preserving creative responses from the groups;

These records were created by the Council for official purposes. Through engaging activities facilitated by artists, supported by community ambassadors, and project managed by Creativity Works (our community engagement partner), this project will allow participants to interact with records of the past in the light of their own experiences, providing them with creative space and enhancing wellbeing. Bath Record Office hopes to collect, preserve and make available some of the creative responses, broadening the perspectives available to researchers in the archive.

In-depth evaluation will explore whether creativity adds engagement and research value and could broaden our audiences, to inform future work.

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