Bath Burial Index

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Cemetery id Surname Forenames Born (approx.) Died Buried Age Notes
Orchardleigh Robinson Alan James 1908 10-Sep-1991 17-Sep-1991 83
Orchardleigh Rousell Alfred 1884 3-Feb-1964 79
Orchardleigh Ayres Ann 12-Sep-1789 accidentally drowned
Orchardleigh Hevon Anne 12-Jan-1643 w/o William
Orchardleigh King Anne 1817 29-Feb-1868 50 aged 53 on MI
Orchardleigh Hendy Annie 1890 8-Jan-1963 82
Orchardleigh Duckworth Arthur Campbell 1870 13-Aug-1948 17-Aug-1948 77 Lord of the Manors of Frome, Buckland Denham and Orchardleigh; Alumni Cantab entry
Orchardleigh Robbins Betty 19-Oct-1766 w/o Stephen
Orchardleigh Champneys Caroline 28-Apr-1793 Miss; d/o Sir Thomas & Caroline Ann; brought from Lisbon; Bath Chronicle 25-Apr-1793 p3
Orchardleigh Champneys Caroline Ann 1750 13-Jul-1791 41 w/o surviving Sir Thomas; brought from France; née Cox; memorial in church
Orchardleigh Pickford Charles 30-Apr-1769 s/o Charles & Mary
Orchardleigh Moon Charles Herbert 1882 22-Mar-1965 28-Mar-1965 82 [ashes]
Orchardleigh Arbuthnot Charles Ramsay 1850 30-Sep-1913 3-Oct-1913 63 h/o Emily C; FRGS, Arctic Medal
Orchardleigh White Charles Ramsay 1860 14-Oct-1920 60
Orchardleigh Mostyn-Champneys Charlotte Margaret 1768 14-Dec-1845 23-Dec-1845 77 Dame, wid/o Sir T S, née Mostyn; Globe 19-Dec-1845 p8
Orchardleigh Chubb Chrisine Mary 1964 27-Jul-1964 0 stillborn
Orchardleigh Holland Christopher Bernard 1898 24-Sep-1898 0 3m; s/o Bernard H & Florence H
Orchardleigh Collins Cornelius 1835 29-Oct-1926 91 h/o Esther
Orchardleigh Champneys Deborah 4-Oct-1666 w/o John
Orchardleigh Turner Dinah 27-Jan-1769 w/o Thomas
Orchardleigh Scovell Doris May 1914 1-Feb-1980 4-Feb-1980 65 [ashes]
Orchardleigh White Dorothy Sybil 1903 27-Oct-1997 94 w/o Victor William
Orchardleigh Pottecary Edith 2-Apr-1666 Mrs
Orchardleigh Reynolds Edward 1753 27-Jan-1807 53 sudden death; coachman to Thos S Champneys Esqre
Orchardleigh Ladyman Edward 6-Jan-1776 butler to Sir Thomas Champneys
Orchardleigh Fowke Eliza Alice 1854 7-Jan-1954 99
Orchardleigh Ashley Elizabeth 1770 14-Feb-1847 76
Orchardleigh Wren Elizabeth 1806 12-Apr-1891 17-Apr-1891 84 w/o William
Orchardleigh Martin Elizabeth Jul-1744 w/o John
Orchardleigh Deacon Elizabeth 11-Aug-1747 w/o John
Orchardleigh Aishley Elizabeth 18-May-1749 d/o Jacob & Martha; accidently drown'd
Orchardleigh Ladyman Elizabeth 4-Jul-1779 Mrs
Orchardleigh Singer Elizabeth 20-Jan-1625 21-Jan-1625
Orchardleigh Pickford Elizabeth Ann 1846 20-Jan-1906 59 w/o William Clement
Orchardleigh Saunders Ellen 1858 17-Feb-1871 12
Orchardleigh Wren Ellen 1837 23-Oct-1860 27-Oct-1860 23 d/o William & Elizabeth
Orchardleigh Hopkins Emily 1842 17-Aug-1845 3
Orchardleigh Arbuthnot Emily Caroline 1855 9-Dec-1910 55 w/o Charles R, née Schomberg
Orchardleigh Halliday Enos 1817 23-Aug-1896 27-Aug-1896 79
Orchardleigh Collins Esther 1843 6-Dec-1913 70 w/o Cornelius, née Millett
Orchardleigh Hopkins Eugenie 1855 12-May-1856 1
Orchardleigh White Fanny Jane 1866 5-Feb-1945 78
Orchardleigh Rousell Fanny Read 1824 12-Jan-1905 80
Orchardleigh White Frances Eleanor 1898 5-Oct-1898 8-Oct-1898 0 2m; d/o Charles & Fanny Jane
Orchardleigh Duckworth Frances Evelyn 1865 24-Feb-1926 1-Mar-1926 60 spinster; d/o Rev William A & Edina
Orchardleigh Duckworth Frances Mary Bowen 1915 19-Nov-1989 27-Nov-1989 74 [ashes]
Orchardleigh Espin Frank Clifford 1933 23-Dec-1937 4
Orchardleigh Biggs Frank William 1870 1-Feb-1947 76
Orchardleigh Chivers Frederick 1886 19-Dec-1903 24-Dec-1903 17
Orchardleigh Martin Frederick 1862 9-Nov-1873 11