Bath Burial Index

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Cemetery id Surname Forenamessort descending Born (approx.) Died Buried Age Notes
Weston Jones 19-Dec-1762 a child
Weston Verly 4-Apr-1751
Weston White 21-Jan-1768 a child
Weston Wright 4-Jul-1745
Weston Verly 31-May-1754
Weston Wright 9-Apr-1748
Weston Brownjon 27-Feb-1763 a child
Weston Rickets 10-Aug-1754
Weston Parker 7-Jul-1754
Weston Spurrel 30-Jun-1749
Weston Ditcher 14-Nov-1760 a child
Weston Dwire 22-Aug-1765 a child
Weston Fisher 21-Apr-1760 a child
Weston Gear 28-Mar-1758
Weston Cole 17-Oct-1771
Weston Tutt 1805 17-Mar-1836 30
Weston De Vic 5-Mar-1757
Weston Powel 9-Dec-1752
Weston Adams 23-Oct-1730
Weston Lansdown 18-Nov-1759
Weston Richards 5-Nov-1712
Weston Brooks 17-Jun-1749
Weston Lansdown 15-Mar-1761
Weston Edgil 16-Apr-1749
Weston Hillman 17-Feb-1760 a child
Weston Harpur 19-Mar-1758
Weston Hawkins 8-Aug-1769 a child
Weston Lansdown 17-Mar-1763 a child
Weston Atwood 29-Jul-1744
Weston Chidgy 16-Apr-1757
Weston Chidgy 20-Dec-1765 a child
Weston Warburton (Colonel) 22-Jan-1750
Weston Robinson (female) 30-Oct-1728 d/o [blank]
Weston Macie (female) 25-Mar-1718 d/o David & Mary
Weston Pitt (female) 14-Jun-1724 d/o William & [blank]
Weston Stawell (female) 29-Nov-1722 d/o George & Dorothy
Weston Stawell (female) 26-Feb-1723 d/o Daniel & [blank]
Weston Chappel (female) 8-Aug-1742 d/o John & [blank]
Weston Chanery (female) 20-Feb-1714 do Charles & Mary
Weston Guilford (Lady) 13-Sep-1738
Weston Barrington (Lady) 19-Jun-1752 The Hon
Weston Allgood (Lady) 30-Mar-1778
Weston Horton (Madam) 7-Jul-1737
Weston Boteler (Madam) 30-Jan-1738
Weston Cleland (Miss) 6-Apr-1746
Weston Blakeney (Miss) 2-May-1773
Weston Hood (Miss) 1-Feb-1753
Weston Danvers (Miss) 22-Aug-1757
Weston Shepherd (Miss) 21-Oct-1737 a Citizen of London
Weston Jones (Miss) 9-Jan-1755