Bath Burial Index

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Cemetery id Surname Forenames Born (approx.)sort descending Died Buried Age Notes
Corston Hambin Mary 6-May-1800
Corston Hele Richard 8-Feb-1802
Corston Brown Sarah 27-Oct-1803
Corston Cook Ann 18-Nov-1806
Corston Breane Hannah 11-Dec-1810
Corston Cutler Cornelius 10-Feb-1766
Corston Britton Ann 20-Jun-1768
Corston Humphrys John 30-Jun-1773
Corston Hicks William 5-Jun-1776
Corston Britton John 2-Jul-1778
Corston Pontin William 3-Nov-1782 twin of Mary
Corston Cox Samuel 21-Jul-1785
Corston Thomas William 8-Dec-1788 child
Corston Dancey Mary 4-Jul-1790
Corston Harris Elizabeth 15-Jan-1793
Corston Young Ann 13-Dec-1795
Corston Dunford Sarah 6-Dec-1798
Corston Salmon Jacob 6-Jul-1800
Corston Gill Honour 4-May-1802
Corston Humphris Emma 8-Jan-1804
Corston Rossiter John 18-Dec-1810
Corston Turner Sarah 1-May-1766
Corston Cox Vanem 19-Oct-1768
Corston Martin Abigail 9-Aug-1773
Corston Brown Mary 6-Aug-1776
Corston Harris Esther 17-Aug-1778
Corston Holbrook Rebecca 14-Aug-1780
Corston Pontin Mary 3-Nov-1782 twin of William
Corston Humphris John 29-Jun-1785
Corston Holbrook John 26-Jan-1789
Corston Flower Sarah 6-Aug-1790
Corston Dowling James 10-Feb-1793
Corston Carpenter Thomas 15-Dec-1795
Corston Young John 6-Jan-1799
Corston Hambin Robert 8-Jul-1800
Corston Cook Ann 5-Sep-1802
Corston Battlebury Jane 23-Jul-1804
Corston Leake Sarah 5-Jun-1766
Corston Cox George 26-Dec-1768
Corston Slade James 10-May-1774
Corston Biggs Rebecca 7-Sep-1776
Corston Brown William 31-Jan-1779
Corston Aylsbury Elijah 1780
Corston Pugh Richard 2-Jul-1783
Corston Harington Mary 23-Mar-1786 Mrs
Corston Young Gyles 10-Feb-1789
Corston Pontin James 26-Aug-1790 P
Corston Holbrook Stephen 17-Feb-1793
Corston Cross William 28-Dec-1795
Corston Aylsbury George Millard 18-Jan-1799