Bath Burial Index

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Cemetery id Surname Forenames Born (approx.)sort descending Died Buried Age Notes
Corston Phillips Henry 19-Jul-1803
Corston Bennet George 2-Feb-1806
Corston Chesson William 27-Jun-1810
Corston Ford Georgina 20-Sep-2012 2-Nov-2012 84
Corston Yeals George 7-Jan-1766
Corston Britton John 21-Feb-1768 Mr
Corston Barrel Betty 8-May-1771
Corston Holbrook Mary 17-Apr-1776
Corston Rositer Mary 17-Nov-1777
Corston Adams Sarah 23-Jan-1780
Corston Biggs Sarah 9-Aug-1782 twin of Rebecca
Corston Solway Samuel 29-Mar-1785
Corston Woolley William 3-Apr-1788
Corston Salmon Sarah 11-Jun-1790
Corston Millard Sarah 31-Oct-1792 P
Corston Aylsbury Francis 12-Feb-1795
Corston Rossiter George 23-Mar-1800
Corston Cook Fanny 31-Jan-1802
Corston Little William 25-Sep-1803
Corston Harris Richard 6-Mar-1806
Corston Holbrook Martha 12-Aug-1810 infant
Corston Eyres William Edward 1870 23-Apr-1870 no age in register 'an infant'
Corston Parfrey Elizabeth May 24-Jun-2016 7-Aug-2016 86 [ashes]
Corston Cox Frances 1667 Oct-1722 1722 55 w/o Robert
Corston Harington Benjamin 1672 1-Dec-1711 1711 39 Esq; s/o John of Kelston; memorial in church
Corston Holbrook Joan 1701 6-Feb-1762 1762 60 w/o Joseph; memorial in church
Corston Enraght John 1702 18-Oct-1766 25-Oct-1766 64 Archdeacon of Arfert. Ireland; h/o Alice
Corston Hele Elizabeth 1702 1-Sep-1788 5-Sep-1788 86 wid/o Rev Arthur
Corston Harington William 1705 10-May-1780 27-May-1780 74 memorial in church
Corston Phelps Thomas 1705 14-Jul-1734 1734 29 s/o Thomas & Ann; memorial in church
Corston Harrington Elizabeth 1707 17-Nov-1797 24-Nov-1797 89 memorial in church
Corston Phelps Henry 1709 25-Oct-1733 1733 24 s/o Thomas & Ann; memorial in church
Corston Alsbury Francis 1711 25-Mar-1772 29-Mar-1772 60 surname 'Elsbury' in register
Corston Enraght Alice 1717 10-May-1803 16-May-1803 85 w/o Rev John
Corston Dancy John 1721 2-Apr-1798 5-Apr-1798 76 h/o Jane
Corston Thomas William 1725 31-Mar-1805 3-Apr-1805 79
Corston Aslat Sarah 1727 22-May-1786 25-Jun-1786 58 2nd w/o Richard
Corston Dancy Jane 1728 3-Apr-1809 10-Apr-1809 80 w/o John
Corston Jenkins Deborah 1731 30-Nov-1806 75
Corston Selway Samuel 1731 31-Jul-1805 74
Corston Thomas Ann 1732 9-Apr-1785 52
Corston Blackmore William 1733 1813 5-Dec-1813 80
Corston Edghill George 1733 1820 10-Jan-1820 86
Corston Phillips Diana 1735 14-Apr-1799 63
Corston Wallis Ann 1736 20-May-1807 70
Corston Holbrook Joseph 1736 9-Mar-1798 13-Mar-1798 61 memorial in church
Corston Chedgey Thomas 1737 19-Dec-1800 63
Corston Woolly Sarah 1737 1822 11-Feb-1822 84
Corston Light George 1738 1827 21-Feb-1827 88
Corston Biggs Martha 1739 1816 24-Jul-1816 77