Bath Burial Index

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Cemetery id Surnamesort descending Forenames Born (approx.) Died Buried Age Notes
Corston Barnes Charles John 1887 21-Jan-1955 25-Jan-1955 67 h/o Ethel May
Corston Barnes Lillian Edith 1896 17-Jul-1941 21-Jul-1941 45
Corston Barnes Archibald Joseph 1889 1966 20-Sep-1966 77
Corston Barnes Ethel May 1895 9-Oct-1998 16-Oct-1998 103 w/o Charles John, née Crosier; aged 102 on MI
Corston Barnes Victor Percival 1920 22-Jul-1942 1-Aug-1942 21
Corston Barnes Charles Joseph Harry 1930 16-Feb-2007 26-Feb-2007 77 [ashes]; aged 81 in register
Corston Barrel Betty 8-May-1771
Corston Bartelt Gertrude Helen 1887 12-Jan-1963 19-Apr-1963 75 w/o Fritz William, née Isgar
Corston Bartelt Rose Mary 1858 8-Jan-1922 11-Jan-1922 64 w/o Friedrich L, née Hodgson
Corston Bartelt Fritz William 1887 11-Sep-1916 14-Jan-1917 29 [ashes]; h/o Gertrude Helen
Corston Bartelt Geoffrey Peter Ludovic 1914 28-Aug-2003 23-Sep-2003 89 [ashes]
Corston Bartelt Friedrich Ludwig 1852 5-Aug-1924 9-Aug-1924 72 h/o Rose[anna] May
Corston Batchellor Emilia 1779 20-Nov-1861 26-Nov-1861 82 w/o Samuel; Bath Chronicle 28-Nov-1861 p5; Emelia on MI
Corston Batchellor Samuel 1772 15-Aug-1851 22-Aug-1851 79 h/o Emilia; Bath Chronicle 21-Aug-1851 p2
Corston Battlebury Jane 23-Jul-1804
Corston Beak Jesse 1786 1850 12-Apr-1850 63 found drowned in the Avon; Bath Chronicle 18-Apr-1850 p3
Corston Beak Giles 1839 1840 25-Jun-1840 0 7m
Corston Beaty William 1840 15-Dec-1840
Corston Begg Sarah 2-Jul-1779
Corston Bence William Henry Alfred 1843 1843 10-Oct-1843 0 4m
Corston Bence Mary 18-Nov-1776
Corston Bence Hester 1808 1850 16-Feb-1850 41
Corston Bence Ann 1841 1850 20-Apr-1850 8
Corston Bence John 1837 1837 17-Sep-1837 0 3m
Corston Bendall James 27-Feb-1780
Corston Bendall Gwenda 1931 4-Sep-2014 18-Oct-2014 83 [ashes]; w/o John A W, née Coombes
Corston Bendall Lydia Mary Hilda 1906 27-Jan-1949 1-Feb-1949 42 w/o James Arthur, née Gullock; Hilda on MI
Corston Bendall James Arthur 1903 6-Jan-1944 10-Jan-1944 40 h/o Hilda
Corston Bendall Jean Margaret 1961 30-Mar-2010 10-Dec-2010 49 [ashes]
Corston Bendall William 1821 1903 20-Sep-1903 82 anniversary of Battle of Alma in which he fought; h/o Caroline
Corston Bennet John 5-Oct-1781
Corston Bennet Susannah 13-Nov-1801
Corston Bennet Phebe 13-Nov-1801
Corston Bennet George 2-Feb-1806
Corston Bennet Phoebe 1829 1830 14-Nov-1830 1
Corston Bennet Rachel 21-Apr-1803
Corston Bennet Susannah 1798 1816 17-Mar-1816 17
Corston Bennett William 1802 1852 29-Jan-1852 49
Corston Bennett John 1848 1849 2-Mar-1849 1 16m
Corston Bennett Phebe 1815 1816 24-Nov-1816 1
Corston Bennett Phebe 28-Apr-1769
Corston Bennett John Westrow 1886 1886 16-Dec-1886 0 4m; s/o William & Ann Hannah
Corston Bennett Walter 6-Jul-1796
Corston Bennett William 1848 6-Oct-1900 12-Oct-1900 51 h/o Ann Hannah; aged 50 on MI
Corston Bennett George Walter 1888 28-Dec-1954 1-Jan-1955 66 h/o Annie I R
Corston Bennett Sarah Lucretia 1879 1879 6-Jul-1879 0 no age in register 'an infant'; d/o William & Ann H
Corston Bennett Jane 8-Mar-1792
Corston Bennett Loftus Frederick 1893 1896 28-Mar-1896 2 s/o William & Ann Hannah
Corston Bennett William 1766 4-Oct-1838 11-Oct-1838 72 h/o Ruth
Corston Bennett Basil John Davidge 1883 1884 10-Jan-1884 0 5m; s/o William & Ann Hannah