Bath Burial Index

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Cemetery id Surname Forenames Born (approx.) Died Buried Agesort descending Notes
Swainswick Woods Rose 28-Dec-1951 1951
Twerton St Michael's Pocock Charlott 13-Nov-1799
Weston Durnell Lettice 31-Mar-1800
Weston Roberts Sarah 26-Jan-1794
Compton Dando Cavel Betty 1788 6-Jul-1788 a pauper
Limpley Stoke Earl Daniel 26-Apr-1787 pauper
Hinton Charterhouse Flower Jonas 6-Jun-1755
St Swithin's Bagnal Esther 26-Jul-1765
St Swithin's Colville Amelia 6-Aug-1788 8-Aug-1788 Rt Honble Lady; no forename in register; Bath Chronicle 7-Aug-1788 p3
St Swithin's Buck Mary 5-Feb-1802
Batheaston, St John the Baptist Sainsbury Henry 1788 17-Nov-1788
Locksbrook - St Swithin's, Walcot Smith Ann 1876 13-Oct-1876 non-parishioner (Weston)
St Michael's Binnkard Ann 26-Dec-1811
North Stoke Smith Jane Jun-1786 the younger
Chew Stoke Brown Benjamin 23-Sep-1804 s/o James & Hester
Hemington Whittock Thomas 20-May-1711
Keynsham Green Robert 6-Jan-1788 s/o William; churchyard
St James, Bath Nerth Thomas 14-Oct-1749
St James, Bath Snaylum Ann 20-Dec-1798
Bath Abbey Wyat John 9-Apr-1717 tailor
Bath Abbey Bigg John 11-Aug-1670 Mr
Weston Robinson (female) 30-Oct-1728 d/o [blank]
Compton Dando Hanney Hesther 1790 14-Mar-1790 a child
Limpley Stoke Cromwell Betty 18-Oct-1789
Hinton Charterhouse Dovey Francis 8-Sep-1756
St Swithin's Plant Susanna 1-Sep-1765
St Swithin's Wheeler Eleanor 8-Sep-1788
St Swithin's Darell Barbara 17-Feb-1802
Batheaston, St John the Baptist Jones Rachel 1789 7-Aug-1789
St Michael's Bishop John 15-Aug-1752
North Stoke Rose James 7-Sep-1794
Chew Stoke Poole Samuel 4-Jun-1807
Hemington Langly Eleanor 6-Jun-1712
Keynsham Francom John 4-Jul-1788 Senr; churchyard
St James, Bath Right (Mrs) 19-Jan-1749 widdow
St Thomas à Becket and St Mark's, Widcombe Perry Judith 6-Nov-1763
St James, Bath Kelling Betty 17-Feb-1799
Bath Abbey Blachley Harvey 21-Jan-1717 s/o John
Bath Abbey Brown Katharine 31-Jan-1670 d/o William
Compton Dando Maggs Thomas 1793 28-Jun-1793 pauper
Limpley Stoke Haines James 19-Dec-1790
Hinton Charterhouse Mopsy Jone 25-Aug-1757
St Swithin's Clement William 27-Oct-1765
St Swithin's Wyatt Maria 26-Sep-1788
Locksbrook - St Swithin's, Walcot Salmon Clara Ferris 1865 1-Aug-1865 family grave
Bathwick (Old St Mary's and St John's) Kirkham Mary 8-Aug-1796 12-Aug-1796
Locksbrook Weston Matthews James 1891 1892
St Michael's Pratten William 23-Dec-1759
North Stoke Piggot Richard 12-Nov-1805
Chew Stoke Storer Thomas Stevens 5-May-1809