Bath Burial Index

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Cemetery id Surname Forenames Born (approx.) Died Buried Agesort descending Notes
St Swithin's Palmer William 9-Apr-1722
St Swithin's Pope Mary 14-Nov-1778
St Swithin's Chivers Lucy 9-Dec-1795
St Swithin's Wilson Jane 20-Aug-1808
Monkton Combe Brown Mark Dec-2012
St Thomas à Becket and St Mark's, Widcombe Brookman William 15-Aug-1804
Bath Abbey Townsend Henry 17-Dec-1749
Newton St Loe Clement John 14-May-1716
St Michael's Browning William 20-Oct-1783
Locksbrook - St Swithin's, Walcot Dawson John William 1905 25-Jan-1905 2nd interment; suspect reg nr
St Michael's Ross Elizabeth 22-Oct-1804
Locksbrook - St Swithin's, Walcot Smith Mary 1921 1921
St James, Bath Woodroffe Robert 11-Oct-1784
Chew Stoke Simmonds Betty 15-Dec-1723
Farleigh Hungerford Mattock Betty 18-Sep-1808
Berkley Pearce Hannah 28-Jan-1721
Keynsham Jones Maria 25-Feb-1774 d/o Thomas; church
Weston Milford Sarah 6-May-1805
St Swithin's Tanner William 4-Oct-1723
St Swithin's Harper Jane 2-Jan-1779
St Swithin's Dunkerton Sophia 29-Dec-1795
St Swithin's Thacker William 8-Sep-1808
Lyncombe and Widcombe & St James' Cemetery Abrey Bertie 1874 29-Jun-1874
Locksbrook - St Swithin's, Walcot Young 1875 23-Jan-1875
Newton St Loe Moody James 29-Jul-1718
St Michael's Buck William 6-Jun-1794
St Michael's Rudge John 26-Oct-1810
St James, Bath Taylor Elizabeth 13-May-1718 d/o John
St James, Bath Haines Mary 13-Dec-1784
Chew Stoke Bullock Sarah 8-Feb-1725
Farleigh Hungerford Lamb William 18-Oct-1811
Berkley Wilcox Thomas 18-Apr-1723 s/o Gabriel
Keynsham Collins Peter Fry 27-Oct-1774 church yard
Weston Caiter Hester 11-Jun-1765
St Swithin's Hooper Peter 10-Jul-1728
St Swithin's Williams John 30-Jan-1779
St Swithin's Maynard Baily 8-Jan-1796
St Thomas à Becket and St Mark's, Widcombe Brooks John 25-Nov-1755
Bath Abbey Self (Mrs) 19-Dec-1750 Mrs
Newton St Loe Gardiner Rachel 2-May-1723 5-May-1723 d/o Samuel
St Michael's Burch Mary 10-Dec-1765
St Michael's Rudman Grace 31-Jul-1770
St James, Bath Snaillum Elizabeth 22-Oct-1718 w/o Edward
St James, Bath Gilpin (Mrs) 20-Jan-1785 card away and Mort paid
Chew Stoke Vaughan John 2-Nov-1727
Berkley Browne Anne 26-Feb-1726 d/o Henry
Keynsham Racker Jane 30-Mar-1775 Mrs; widow; church
Weston Campbell Peter 9-Oct-1758 Esq
Weston Milsom Thomas 5-Jun-1789
Compton Dando Bailey Sarah 1874 1-Feb-1874 no age in register; diphtheria