Bath Burial Index

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Cemetery id Surname Forenames Born (approx.) Died Buried Agesort descending Notes
Saltford Evans Evan 26-Sep-1793 a little child
St Swithin's Woolmore Elisabeth 28-Apr-1747
St Swithin's Barnes Mary 25-Apr-1782
St Swithin's Gray Robert 10-Feb-1798
St Swithin's Young Richard Willis 21-Aug-1810
Stanton Prior Shellard David 27-Oct-1811 infant
Marksbury Holbrook James 22-Jan-1797
Tellisford Wells William 20-Mar-1803
Lullington Clement Anthonay 12-Jul-1778
Keynsham Morgan Mary 12-Feb-1735 w/o William
Chelwood Smith Elizabeth 1735 d/o Benjamin
Beckington Ford James 17-Feb-1808 s/o James & Sarah
St Michael's Combs Mary 16-Jun-1778
Twerton St Michael's Llewellin John 8-May-1781 s/o John & Rebecca
Weston Cottle Thomas 27-Jan-1725 s/o John & Mary
Bath Abbey Wheatly Sarah 12-Aug-1747 Mrs
Newton St Loe Hix Nevil 24-Nov-1696
St James, Bath Willcocks William 8-Jan-1746
St James, Bath Britton Watkin 31-Dec-1796
Hinton Charterhouse Beard Joseph 20-May-1604 s/o John
Saltford Mayo William 22-Jan-1797 Junior. Married man
St Swithin's Hooper Sarah 4-Sep-1747
St Swithin's May Jane 23-May-1782
St Swithin's Smith Sarah 5-Mar-1798
St Swithin's Allwood Richard 11-Sep-1810
Marksbury Shore James 29-Apr-1799 s/o William & Susanna
Tellisford Tiley Richard 1-Apr-1810
Lullington Tanner Betty 31-Mar-1785 bastard d/o Dinah
Keynsham Whittock Anne 1-Oct-1736 w/o Anthony senr
Chelwood Cottle (Mrs) 10-Aug-1744 w/o Mr
Beckington Humphrys John 9-Apr-1809 s/o William & Martha
Claverton Clement Catherine 12-Apr-1752 d/o William & Sarah
St Michael's Cook Eliza 25-Aug-1793
Weston Cottle Hannah 3-Nov-1754
St Thomas à Becket and St Mark's, Widcombe Broad Ann 28-Aug-1761
Bath Abbey Sladen Elizabeth 19-Dec-1747 a child
Newton St Loe Weeks Roger 19-May-1700
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath Chapman Sean 7-Dec-1988
St James, Bath Long Nicholas 4-Apr-1747 c
St James, Bath Filkes Elizabeth 6-Feb-1797
Hinton Charterhouse Benet Mariana 2-Jun-1589
Saltford Bavedge Mary 22-Apr-1799 who was found drowned in the river
St Swithin's Kidmore Thomas 17-Jan-1747
St Swithin's Draper Lucy 28-Jun-1782
St Swithin's Sanford Mary 26-Sep-1810
Marksbury Shore Mary 5-May-1801
Lullington Chapman Mary 13-May-1788 w/o Job
Keynsham Ford Elihu 13-Jan-1736
Chelwood Branch Samuel 30-Apr-1747 s/o Thomas & Hester
Weston Cottle James 25-Jul-1793