Bath Burial Index

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Cemetery id Surname Forenames Born (approx.)sort descending Died Buried Age Notes
St Thomas à Becket and St Mark's, Widcombe French Thomas 8-Sep-1803
St Thomas à Becket and St Mark's, Widcombe Wood James 1-May-1718
Bath Abbey Baber Benjamin 24-May-1705 Alderman
Bath Abbey Smith Henry 25-Mar-1758
St Swithin's Holdstock Robert 30-Sep-1771
St Swithin's Alderman Mary 11-May-1792
St Swithin's Mills Anne 16-Jun-1805
Weston Blatchly William 8-Sep-1760
Dunkerton Dallamore Martha 14-May-1776
Hemington Merchant Thomas 28-Mar-1784
Keynsham Finley Sarah 26-May-1798 churchyard
Beckington Brodribb William 21-Jul-1771
St James, Bath Piggett (Rev) 26-Nov-1775 Revd Dr
St Michael's Lambert Catherine 18-Apr-1761
St Thomas à Becket and St Mark's, Widcombe Paris Francis 18-Mar-1778
Bath Abbey Bave Elizabeth 20-May-1706 wid/o Charles, gent.
Bath Abbey (unknown) Thomas 8-Nov-1759
St Swithin's Shipway 3-Nov-1771
St Swithin's Bisgrove Sarah 6-Jun-1792
St Swithin's Cornish Henry 1-Jul-1805
Weston Bletchly Richard 8-Jul-1728 s/o Richard
Dunkerton Lewis Thomas 5-Oct-1783 s/o Thomas & Sarah
Hemington Hobbs Joan 5-Aug-1787
Keynsham Frankham Joseph 2-Sep-1798 infant; churchyard
Beckington Lidbury Mary 23-Feb-1772 w/o William
St James, Bath Peirce James 18-Dec-1775 c
Lyncombe and Widcombe & St James' Cemetery Hunt Henry John 1865 4-Aug-1865 0
Lyncombe and Widcombe & St James' Cemetery Martin Annie 1877 22-Jul-1877 0
Lyncombe and Widcombe & St James' Cemetery Evans William 1891 5-Apr-1891 0
St Thomas à Becket and St Mark's, Widcombe Parker Ann 24-Feb-1784
Bath Abbey Waters Mary 29-Dec-1706 d/o Roger
Bath Abbey Stealy Sarah 15-Jun-1761
St Swithin's Summers Walter 5-Dec-1771
St Swithin's Vaughan Grace 28-Jun-1792
St Swithin's Bolton Anne 15-Jul-1805
Twerton Cemetery Pritchard Rosina 1905 14-Feb-1905 0
Weston Lewin Mary 1-Aug-1777
Dunkerton Silcock Lewis 9-Jul-1786 orphan s/o George & Ann
Hemington Combes James 16-Jan-1791
Keynsham Chapple Thomas 12-Feb-1799 church
Beckington Naish 8-Nov-1772 child of Moses
St James, Bath Hayse Thomas 15-Feb-1776
Lyncombe and Widcombe & St James' Cemetery Bishop Sarah Macloughlin 1877 7-Aug-1877
Independant Burial Ground (Argyle Chapel), Snow Hill Widcombe Ann Maria 1807 12-Jul-1807
St Michael's Lansdown William 27-Aug-1798
Bath Abbey Millner Elizabeth 11-Jun-1707 Mrs
Bath Abbey Carn Barkely 28-Apr-1695 30-Apr-1695 Mr
Locksbrook - St Swithin's, Walcot Cleverly Walter 1867 1867 0 pauper, unbaptized
St Michael's, Lower Weston Marchant Robert 1882 12-Feb-1882 Merchant?
St Swithin's Telsford Joseph 22-Dec-1771