Bath Burial Index

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Cemetery id Surname Forenamessort descending Born (approx.) Died Buried Age Notes
Smallcombe Vale (Bathwick Burial Board) Milford William George Frederick 1907 13-Oct-1907 16-Oct-1907 0
Lansdown Cemetery Pounds William George Frederick 1875 16-Jun-1944 20-Jun-1944 68
Locksbrook - St Swithin's, Walcot Long William George Frederick 1901 1901 15-Oct-1901 0 2nd forename added
Bath Abbey Finglass William George Fryer 1831 29-Feb-1832 0 10m
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath Brain William George Henry 1917 1987 29-Jun-1987 69
Limpley Stoke Davies William George Hinde 1918 31-Jan-1987 24-May-1995 76 h/o Georgina May
Bathwick (Old St Mary's and St John's) Diamond William George John 1780 16-Feb-1781 0
Twerton Cemetery Pocock William George John 1885 1886 14-Mar-1886 0 George William John in index and BR
Lansdown Cemetery Colbourn William George Martin Claris 1901 1989 1989 88 Last vicar of St James, Bath; rector of St Swithin's.
St Thomas à Becket and St Mark's, Widcombe Room William George Robert 1876 5-Dec-1881 5
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath Bond William George Robert 1889 1963 20-Apr-1963 73
Dunkerton Skuse William George Robert 1894 8-May-1963 10-May-1963 68 h/o Amy J
Lyncombe and Widcombe & St James' Cemetery Hudd William George Stanley 1890 1949 16-Apr-1949 58
Bathford, St Swithun Brooks William George Thomas 1864 28-Jul-1898 34
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath Morris William George Warren 1934 17-Jun-1947 19-Jun-1947 13 pupil at Prior Park College
St Mary's Churchyard, Bathwick Littler William German 1895 13-Jul-1960 16-Jul-1960 65
St Saviour's, Bath Straghan William Gibbes 1832 13-Apr-1843 10
Locksbrook - St Saviour's Everett William Giffard 1809 26-Mar-1871 31-Mar-1871 61 h/o Louisa
Batheaston, St John the Baptist Fisher William Gilbert 1837 1838 17-Apr-1838 0
St Michael's, Lower Weston Venn William Gilbert 1899 28-Jan-1941 30-Jan-1941 41 h/o Isabella
Lyncombe and Widcombe & St James' Cemetery Brooks William Gilbert 1893 1893 5-Jul-1893 0
Lyncombe and Widcombe & St James' Cemetery Mead William Gilbert 1906 9-Aug-1906 3
Batheaston, St John the Baptist Adams William Gilbert Gresham 1885 4-Mar-1941 8-Mar-1941 55
Bath Union Workhouse Collins William Giles 1830 4-May-1882 51
Twerton Cemetery Ward William Giles 1865 1941 25-Mar-1941 75
Locksbrook - St Swithin's, Walcot Taylor William Giles 1894 1895 29-Mar-1895 0 s/o William Giles & Eliza
Locksbrook - St Swithin's, Walcot Taylor William Giles 1863 1934 1934 69 h/o Eliza
Paulton Cemetery Collier William Giles 1828 1882 18-Dec-1882 54
St Michael's, Lower Weston Amery William Gill 1868 1868 13-Jul-1868 0
Lansdown Cemetery Paine William Gladstone 1879 29-Aug-1971 4-Sep-1971 92
St Mary's Churchyard, Bathwick Dombrain William Gladstone 1854 4-Jul-1857 9-Jul-1857 3 3y3m
Weston Appleby William Godden 1797 28-May-1860 62
Beckington Evans William Godfrey 1853 29-Jul-1926 31-Jul-1926 72 h/o Leonie Eliza
Beckington Evans William Godfrey 1923 27-Apr-1999 7-May-1999 75
Locksbrook - St Saviour's Morgan William Godfrey Ruck 1887 28-Dec-1933 1-Jan-1934 46 h/o Mabel; Bath Chronicle Sat 6-Jan-1934 p21
St Swithin's Grant William Godolphin 1851 31-Dec-1860 8
Twerton St Michael's Hayter William Goodenough 1833 27-Apr-1841 7
St Mary's Churchyard, Bathwick Lockyer William Gordon 15-Jan-1998 14-Feb-1998 78 cremated 23-Jan-1998; Memorial tablet at St Mary's
Swainswick Fortt William Gordon 1885 28-Mar-1961 1961 75
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath Milne William Gordon 1922 9-Sep-2008 8-Apr-2010 86 Gordon W on MI; Loose
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath Wheeler William Gordon 1914 24-Dec-1975 61
Bathford, St Swithun Sainsbury William Gordon Sillery 1853 22-Mar-1897 25-Mar-1897 43 s/o Charles H S
Independant Burial Ground (Argyle Chapel), Snow Hill Brown William Gould 1812 26-Mar-1826 1826 13
Limpley Stoke Brooks William Graham 1942 18-Mar-2017 16-Sep-2017 [ashes]
Weston Williams William Grandy 15-Jun-1809
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath Murray William Grant 1899 9-Aug-1975 15-Aug-1975 75
St Thomas à Becket and St Mark's, Widcombe Grant William Green 1818 18-Feb-1856 37
St Swithin's Ward William Green 1788 27-Jun-1852 63
Keynsham Cemetery Veale William Green 1912 9-Oct-2002 11-Dec-2002 90 [ashes]; h/o Dorothy; (Jack)
Independant Burial Ground (Argyle Chapel), Snow Hill Smith William Greening 1798 8-Oct-1832 1832 34 Mr Griffiths vault