Bath Burial Index

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Cemetery id Surnamesort descending Forenames Born (approx.) Died Buried Age Notes
Bath Abbey (unknown) 18-Apr-1738
Bath Abbey (unknown) Precila 12-Nov-1739
Bath Abbey (unknown) Anne 7-Sep-1741 d/o Samuel
Bath Abbey (unknown) 21-Feb-1743 a barber
Bath Abbey (unknown) 28-Nov-1748 a gentleman's servant
Bath Abbey (unknown) 8-Jan-1748 Mr Thomas' servant
Bath Abbey (unknown) William 13-May-1752 Mr Parson's servant
Bath Abbey (unknown) 22-Jun-1752 child
Bath Abbey (unknown) 22-Jun-1752 child
Bath Abbey (unknown) 4-Jul-1752 child
Bath Abbey (unknown) 9-Oct-1752 a poor child that was dropt
Bath Abbey (unknown) 14-Oct-1752 a man
Bath Abbey (unknown) Thomas 8-Nov-1759
Bath Abbey (unknown) 26-May-1659 a stanger from Mr Hull's lodging
Bath Abbey (unknown) 9-Jul-1659 a prentice to Will White, taylor
Bath Abbey (unknown) 29-Jun-1671 a youg man that was drowned in the Avon by the bridg
Bath Abbey (unknown) 5-Jun-1676 a stranger from Carew Davises
Bath Abbey (unknown) 5-Jun-1676 a stranger from Goodridge's
Bath Abbey (unknown) 20-Jun-1676 Lady ... Buryed from Mr James Masters'
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath (unknown) (baby) 1942 30-Jun-1942 -1
Bath Abbey A Court Mary 1656 1-Nov-1679 6-Nov-1679 23 Accourt, w/o John in register
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath A'Court 1981 1981 14-Aug-1981 0 stillborn
St Swithin's A'Court George 1842 30-Sep-1846 4
Marksbury A'Court John 11-Sep-1799
Marksbury A'Court John 11-Sep-1806
Marksbury A'Court Elizabeth 1754 23-Oct-1813 59
Burnett A'Court Elizabeth 12-Apr-1790 15-Apr-1790 w/o James, née Ricketts; memorial in church
Burnett A'Court Elizabeth 1791 23-Jan-1791
Burnett A'Court James 1811 23-May-1811
Burnett A'Court Henry 1788 Aug-1819 6-Sep-1819 31 s/o James
Burnett A'Court Ann 1789 1821 21-Apr-1821 31 w/o Henry
Burnett A'Court Henry 1787 1821 23-Jun-1821 33 h/o Ann
Jewish Burial Ground, Combe Down Aaron Kate 1826 9-Oct-1901 1901 75 w/o Samuel
Keynsham Abbat William 1-Jan-1715 in ye outer pt of ye Church
Keynsham Abbat James 18-Aug-1719 s/o Thomas & Jane
Wellow Abbatt John Cary 1911 1988 21-Feb-1989 77
Wellow Abbatt Sybil Eileen 1911 1999 4-Mar-2000 87 née Lympaney
Keynsham Abbatt 12-Apr-1722 child of James
Keynsham Abbatt 5-Mar-1722 d/o James
Keynsham Abbatt 23-Mar-1722 James Abbatt's daughter's child.
Hinton Charterhouse Abbes Jone 4-Nov-1613
Charlcombe Abbess Allenby Hugh 1917 30-Mar-1998 19-Sep-1998 80 [ashes]
Bath Union Workhouse Abbey James 1856 4-Nov-1856 0 2m
Bath Union Workhouse Abbey John 1858 22-Jun-1859 0 2m
Bathwick (Old St Mary's and St John's) Abbey Susan 1802 30-Apr-1866 5-May-1866 63
Locksbrook - St Saviour's Abbey Frances Charlotte 1830 29-Jun-1880 3-Jul-1880 50 spinster
Locksbrook - St Saviour's Abbey Helen Elizabeth Roddam 1838 29-Apr-1927 3-May-1927 88 wid/o Walter, née Tate
Locksbrook - St Swithin's, Walcot Abbey Florence Aime 1859 1950 1950 91
Keynsham Abboot Prudenc 16-Oct-1699 widow
Bathwick (Old St Mary's and St John's) Abbot Adrian 1740 4-Mar-1803 62