Bath Burial Index

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Cemetery id Surname Forenamessort ascending Born (approx.) Died Buried Age Notes
Twerton Cemetery Williams 1929 1929 30-Jul-1929 0 stillborn
Twerton Cemetery Willoughby 1928 1928 1-Aug-1928 0 stillborn
Twerton Cemetery Willoughby 1911 1911 24-Mar-1911 0 stillborn
Twerton Cemetery Willoughby 1904 1904 26-Apr-1904 0 stillborn
Twerton Cemetery Withers 1933 1933 7-Nov-1933 0 stillborn
Twerton Cemetery Withers 1928 1928 1-May-1928 0 stillborn
Twerton Cemetery Withers 1911 1911 19-May-1911 0 stillborn
Twerton Cemetery Withey 1909 1909 5-Jan-1909 0 d/o Francis; Withy in index
Twerton Cemetery Withey 1921 1921 11-Jun-1921 0 stillborn
Twerton Cemetery Woodmans 1886 1886 26-Feb-1886 0 stillborn; corner opposite A24-25
Twerton Cemetery Woods 1927 1927 16-Sep-1927 0 stillborn
Twerton Cemetery Woods 1883 1883 14-Feb-1883 0 stillborn; corner opposite A24-25
Twerton Cemetery Woolley 1921 1921 28-Feb-1921 0 stillborn
Twerton Cemetery Wyer 1888 8-Sep-1888 0 s/o Elizabeth Ann
Twerton Cemetery York 1919 1919 6-Jan-1919 0 stillborn
Twerton Cemetery York 1924 1924 9-Oct-1924 0 stillborn
Twerton Cemetery Young 1885 1885 18-Jul-1885 0 s/o William Charles
Twerton St Michael's Atkins 15-Aug-1755 child of George; drowned
Twerton St Michael's Bond 4-Aug-1756 d/o William
Twerton St Michael's Broad 13-May-1782 s/o James & Ann
Twerton St Michael's Broad 20-Jun-1791
Twerton St Michael's Chilcot 30-May-1782 d/o Thomas & Sarah
Twerton St Michael's Comton 10-Jan-1757 child of Mr C
Twerton St Michael's Coster 21-Jan-1812
Twerton St Michael's Ellergion 24-Oct-1775 w/o Thomas
Twerton St Michael's Evat 17-Apr-1768 a child of Mr Evat's from Bath
Twerton St Michael's Evatt 12-Nov-1780 s/o Mr E
Twerton St Michael's Frankpitts 22-Mar-1781
Twerton St Michael's Garner 11-Oct-1756 s/o Samuel & Sarah
Twerton St Michael's Lansdown 26-Jul-1793
Twerton St Michael's Lewis 3-Dec-1779
Twerton St Michael's Mathew 22-Dec-1799 child of Robert
Twerton St Michael's Penny 7-Sep-1781 child
Twerton St Michael's Perrey 30-Mar-1791
Twerton St Michael's Webb 29-Nov-1789
Twerton St Michael's Wix 15-Mar-1757 child of Peter
Twerton St Michael's Woodleton 29-Jan-1859 no forename or age; Sarah ?
Twerton St Michael's Woolish 5-Mar-1795 child
Unitarian Burial Ground Higman 1822 May-1822
Unitarian Burial Ground Clarke 2-Oct-1825
Unitarian Burial Ground Higman 1825 May-1825
Unitarian Burial Ground Paine 1829 23-Sep-1829
Unitarian Burial Ground Pratt 16-Dec-1831
Unitarian Burial Ground Taylor 1830 10-Dec-1835 5
Unitarian Burial Ground Withall 1836 1836
Unitarian Burial Ground Withall 1837 25-Nov-1837
Unitarian Burial Ground Gibbs 1838 14-Mar-1838
Unitarian Burial Ground Tipton 1838 30-Apr-1838
Unitarian Burial Ground Viner 1839 25-Oct-1839
Unitarian Burial Ground Howe 1842 10-Apr-1842 0