Bath Burial Index

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Cemetery id Surname Forenamessort descending Born (approx.) Died Buried Age Notes
Locksbrook - St Saviour's Jones William Henry 1880 17-Apr-1880 0
Locksbrook - St Saviour's Morris William Henry 1867 5-Dec-1910 9-Dec-1910 43 h/o Priscilla
Locksbrook - St Saviour's Mortimer William Henry 1859 9-Aug-1907 13-Aug-1907 47 h/o Eliza Mary (née Parfitt)
Locksbrook - St Saviour's Plank William Henry 1815 26-Mar-1874 1-Apr-1874 58 bachelor
Locksbrook - St Saviour's Tyte William Henry 1845 1883 29-May-1883 37 h/o Emily
Locksbrook - St Saviour's Wake William Henry 1852 16-Jul-1911 20-Jul-1911 59 h/o Mary; aged 60 on MI
Locksbrook - St Saviour's Warman William Henry 1843 1918 18-Apr-1918 74
Locksbrook - St Saviour's Webb William Henry 1871 1895 5-Feb-1895 23
Locksbrook - St Saviour's Weeks William Henry 1892 8-May-1898 11-May-1898 6 s/o James & Ada
Locksbrook - St Saviour's Woodford William Henry 1826 1895 1-Apr-1895 68 h/o Elizabeth Mary
Locksbrook - St Saviour's Yarnall William Henry 1807 17-Jan-1901 22-Jan-1901 93 h/o Eliza
St Michael's Dyer William Henry 11-Aug-1792
St Michael's Gilbert William Henry 1830 22-May-1836 5
St Michael's Hardy William Henry 1830 16-Jul-1830 0
St Michael's Lewis William Henry 1832 22-Apr-1840 7
St Michael's Lingerton William Henry 1849 25-Dec-1849 0
St Michael's Lloyd William Henry 1819 6-May-1822 2
St Michael's Phillips William Henry 20-Dec-1811
St Michael's Taylor William Henry 15-Jul-1791
St Michael's Taylor William Henry 22-Oct-1806
St Michael's, Lower Weston Gear William Henry 1853 2-Dec-1932 6-Dec-1932 79
St Michael's, Lower Weston Andrew William Henry 1856 1863 14-Jul-1863 7
St Michael's, Lower Weston Biss William Henry 1877 1878 28-Mar-1878 0
St Michael's, Lower Weston Minett William Henry 1830 1872 25-Jun-1872 41
St Michael's, Lower Weston Willcox William Henry 1880 8-Feb-1880 3
St Michael's, Lower Weston Shore William Henry 1879 10-Feb-1907 15-Feb-1907 27
St Michael's, Lower Weston Stokes William Henry 1883 1908 10-Sep-1908 25 initials in index
St Michael's, Lower Weston Adams William Henry 1869 12-Mar-1869
St Michael's, Lower Weston Gullick William Henry 1861 2-Mar-1934 7-Mar-1934 72 h/o Fanny Selina
St Michael's, Lower Weston Collins William Henry 1865 1934 20-Jan-1934 68 h/o Flora Ellen
St Michael's, Lower Weston Millett William Henry 1870 1-Jun-1945 5-Jun-1945 74 h/o Alice
St Michael's, Lower Weston Matthews William Henry 1888 4-Jan-1889 0 Henry William in DR
St Michael's, Lower Weston Grace William Henry 1872 31-Oct-1957 5-Nov-1957 85 h/o Laura
St Michael's, Lower Weston Palmer William Henry 1861 1942 7-Mar-1942 80
St Michael's, Lower Weston Harrison William Henry 1866 26-Nov-1936 30-Nov-1936 70
St Michael's, Lower Weston Turner William Henry 1910 21-Oct-1941 25-Oct-1941 31 son of William I H & Amy F Turner, of Bath; h/o Edith Emily Beatrice Alice, of Fairfield Pk, Bath
St Michael's, Lower Weston Cowles William Henry 1893 2-Feb-1962 8-Feb-1962 68
St Michael's, Lower Weston Thorne William Henry 1863 1938 12-Mar-1938 74 h/o Ellen
St Mary's Churchyard, Bathwick Calder William Henry 1899 24-Oct-1949 27-Oct-1949 50
St Mary's Churchyard, Bathwick Christopher William Henry 1861 10-Mar-1937 13-Mar-1937 75
St Mary's Churchyard, Bathwick Clack William Henry 1875 17-Jun-1877 21-Jun-1877 1 18m
St Mary's Churchyard, Bathwick Cobb William Henry 1861 9-Mar-1950 15-Mar-1950 88 cremated Arno's Vale, Bristol
St Mary's Churchyard, Bathwick Corbould William Henry 1855 2-Dec-1902 5-Dec-1902 47
St Mary's Churchyard, Bathwick Edwards William Henry 1867 1907 6-Sep-1907 40
St Mary's Churchyard, Bathwick Hervey William Henry 1848 17-Jul-1922 31-Aug-1922 76 of Boston (Mass)
St Mary's Churchyard, Bathwick Hooper William Henry 1826 1869 3-Jan-1870 43
St Mary's Churchyard, Bathwick Jenkins William Henry 1863 4-May-1928 8-May-1928 64
St Mary's Churchyard, Bathwick Martin William Henry 1852 6-May-1922 11-May-1922 69
St Mary's Churchyard, Bathwick Palmer William Henry 1851 1917 2-Jun-1917 65
St Mary's Churchyard, Bathwick Roberts William Henry 1779 10-Dec-1863 17-Dec-1863 84