Bath Burial Index

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Cemetery id Surname Forenames Born (approx.) Died Buried Agesort descending Notes
Priston Pope Marjorie Elizabeth Kennerell 1910 13-Apr-2014 2-Sep-2015 104 [ashes]; w/o Paul K, née Henley
Monkton Combe Davis John 1733 1837 22-Aug-1837 104
St Swithin's Harvey William 1744 31-Dec-1848 104
Locksbrook - St Swithin's, Walcot Reeves Jonathan 1765 29-Apr-1870 5-May-1870 104 Waterloo veteran; Bath Chronicle 5-May-1870 p5
Bathampton Harbutt Owen Cambridge 1889 Dec-1993 1993 104
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath Baker Winifred Mary 1908 11-Mar-2013 5-Aug-2013 104 Loose
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath Sadler Beryl Erminta Agatha 1905 18-Jan-2010 15-Feb-2010 104 Burial Coffin
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath Roberts Catherine 1860 17-Aug-1964 20-Aug-1964 104
Farleigh Hungerford Reason Mary 1709 12-Aug-1813 104 widow
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath Meadows Annie Elizabeth Rosina 1883 1989 23-Feb-1989 105
Swainswick White George 5-Nov-1973 1972 105 h/o Amy Rose
Charlcombe Berry Margaret Conway 1905 24-May-2011 23-Oct-2011 105 family plot; w/o Alleyne W S, née Wilson; (Marjorie)
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath Gibbons Mabel Emma 1883 1988 10-Jan-1989 105 w/o John
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath Ward Rhoda Emma 1885 1-Mar-1991 11-Mar-1991 105
Lansdown Cemetery Garland Maria Wood 1791 21-Feb-1897 25-Feb-1897 105
Lansdown Cemetery Eaton Doris Alexandra 1901 21-Oct-2006 31-Oct-2006 105
Locksbrook - St Swithin's, Walcot Daniell Eliza 1846 11-Jul-1951 13-Jul-1951 105 wid/o Col James Le Geyt
Lansdown Cemetery Holoway Ellen Jane 1852 14-Oct-1957 18-Oct-1957 105
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath Lewis Katie Grace 1901 2-Dec-2006 21-Dec-2006 105
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath Wilcox Hilda May 1906 7-Mar-2012 3-Jul-2012 105 Postal Box
Combe Hay Hillier Elsie Louise 1880 24-Feb-1986 5-Mar-1986 105
St Thomas à Becket and St Mark's, Widcombe Wait William 1710 12-Mar-1816 105
Twerton Cemetery Gaylard Henrietta 1881 Jan-1988 25-Jan-1988 106 w/o Ernest, née Allen; [ashes]
St Mary's Churchyard, Bathwick Raby Jane Lang 1819 11-Jun-1926 15-Jun-1926 106 106y7m19d
Combe Hay Gay Anne 1651 21-Nov-1757 106
Beckington Amesbury Susannah Beatrice 1883 4-Aug-1991 9-Aug-1991 107 formerly of Richmond House
St Swithin's Robinson Catharine 1728 15-Jul-1835 107 death notice: native of north of Scotland
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath Bayliss Nellie Kate 1903 30-Jan-2011 20-Jun-2011 107 Ashes Casket
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath Ellard Kathleen 1893 23-May-2001 107 not in index
Swainswick McDermott Eleanor 1905 23-May-2013 107
St Swithin's Lewis Ann 1749 8-Feb-1857 107
Bathwick (Old St Mary's and St John's) Lamb Mary 1703 14-Apr-1814 110
Lansdown Cemetery Brewster Alice Caroline Stacey 1872 10-Oct-1983 1983 111
Monkton Combe Patch Henry John 1898 25-Jul-2009 6-Aug-2009 111 Harry