Bath Burial Index

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Cemetery id Surname Forenames Born (approx.) Died Buried Agesort descending Notes
Keynsham Willington Stephen 25-Jun-1811 chyard
St James, Bath Salmon Joseph 31-Mar-1729
St James, Bath Ford George 12-Dec-1789 c
Hinton Charterhouse Binine (Mrs) 31-Aug-1728 or 'Bivine'
Saltford Davies Mary 1803 1-Apr-1803 daughter of the present incumbent
St Swithin's Barrack Charles 18-Oct-1748
St Swithin's Baily Elizabeth 2-Sep-1782
St Swithin's Alford Richard 13-Apr-1798
St Swithin's Slipp Eliza 23-Oct-1810
Lyncombe and Widcombe & St James' Cemetery Sargent Mary Ann 1876 8-Dec-1876
Bath Abbey Palmer Christopher 1-Jan-1758
Newton St Loe Watson Sarah 8-Jan-1757 an infant from ye Foundling Hospital in London, nursed in this Parish
Twerton St Michael's Lapidge Ann 11-Mar-1788
Weston Palmer Eliza 16-Jul-1793
Compton Dando Philips Ann 1740 30-Nov-1740 an infant
St Michael's Denie Mary 16-Apr-1800
St Michael's Taylor John 13-May-1810
Keynsham Nurse Mary 18-Dec-1811 chyard
St James, Bath Tovey Thomas 5-Jun-1729
St James, Bath Eyers Mary 30-Jan-1790 Mrs, lead
Hinton Charterhouse Browne Christopher 15-Jan-1611
St Swithin's Walters Elisabeth 30-Nov-1748
St Swithin's Colborne Thomas 18-Nov-1782
St Swithin's Dyer George 30-Apr-1798
St Swithin's Gould Anne 12-Nov-1810
Bath Abbey Lewis Edward 13-Oct-1758
Newton St Loe Gingill Sarah 11-Nov-1759
Haycombe Cemetery, Bath Maskell Thomas
Compton Dando Barrell Mary 1742 22-Apr-1742 widow
St James, Bath Davis Richard 18-Nov-1729 Mr., a str.
St James, Bath Johnson Sarah 5-Apr-1790
Hinton Charterhouse Burd Mary 29-Oct-1638 w/o John
St Swithin's Wild Hester 28-Jan-1748
St Swithin's Cottle Catharine 19-Dec-1782
St Swithin's Leonard Elizabeth 19-May-1798 Mrs
St Swithin's Biss Thomas 26-Nov-1810
Lyncombe and Widcombe & St James' Cemetery Harding William 1877 18-Jan-1877
Lyncombe and Widcombe & St James' Cemetery Brown Thomas 1890 14-Jul-1890
Bath Abbey Pierce Sarah 31-Mar-1759
Weston Cook Charles 29-Oct-1800
Weston Paradise Mary 20-Sep-1802
Compton Dando Pitts Elizabeth 1743 27-Mar-1743
Locksbrook Weston Rose Margaret 1892 1892
St Michael's Dial Eleanor 18-Mar-1785
St Michael's Thead Mary 1-Jan-1774
St James, Bath Newman Elizabeth 13-Jul-1730
St James, Bath Jones James 7-Jul-1790 c
Hinton Charterhouse Carter Sarah 2-Jul-1630 d/o William
Saltford Lavington Burton 1809 1-Nov-1809
St Swithin's Tiley Sarah 24-Mar-1749