Bath Burial Index

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Cemetery id Surnamesort descending Forenames Born (approx.) Died Buried Age Notes
St James, Bath Abraham Ann 13-Dec-1727
St James, Bath Abraham John 3-Jul-1774 c
St James, Bath Abraham Martha 16-Oct-1790
Lyncombe and Widcombe & St James' Cemetery Abraham Sophia 1809 1892 13-Nov-1892 83
Lyncombe and Widcombe & St James' Cemetery Abraham Edward 1851 1896 9-Dec-1896 45
Union Chapel, Combe Down Abraham Sarah 1816 1839 31-May-1840 23
St Swithin's Abraham Charlotte 10-Nov-1808
St Swithin's Abraham Philip 27-Dec-1809
St Swithin's Abraham Robert Taylor Spooner 1792 5-Dec-1843 51
St Swithin's Abraham Ann 1796 3-May-1846 9-May-1846 49 w/o George
Marksbury Abraham Ann 1789 4-Mar-1791 6-Mar-1791 1 d/o James & Edith; 1y11m
Marksbury Abraham James 1790 30-Jan-1793 1-Feb-1793 2 s/o James & Edith; 2y7m
Marksbury Abraham Elizabeth 13-Jun-1806 d/o Oliver & Ann
Marksbury Abraham William 1814 16-Oct-1814 0 5d
Marksbury Abraham Edith 1752 31-Sep-1825 73
Marksbury Abraham James 1755 21-Jan-1827 71
Hemington Abraham Lydia Ann 1841 Feb-1924 82 wid/o Francis J; Wiltshire Times 16-Feb-1924 p8
Berkley Abraham John 10-Jul-1785 infant s/o George & Eleanor
Berkley Abraham Mary Birt 22-Feb-1786 infant
Berkley Abraham Eleanor 1755 17-Jan-1789 33
Berkley Abraham Eleanor 15-Mar-1789 an infant
Berkley Abraham Anne 1753 6-Jun-1791 37
Berkley Abraham James 1784 16-Oct-1791 7
Berkley Abraham Henry 1800 3-Oct-1810 5-Oct-1810 10 s/o George & Mary
Berkley Abraham Eliza Jane 1826 4-Jun-1826 0 5m; d/o Joseph & Elizabeth
Berkley Abraham Mary 1798 24-Jan-1828 30-Jan-1828 29
Berkley Abraham Benjamin 1803 21-Jul-1828 25-Jul-1828 25 accidentally drowned at Batheaston
Berkley Abraham Martha 1792 27-Jun-1832 39
Keynsham Abraham Ephraim 1789 22-Jan-1813 23
Cameley Abraham Elizabeth 1713 25-Aug-1713 w/o Richard
Cameley Abraham Richard 1746 25-Feb-1746
Chelwood Abraham John 25-Nov-1724 1724 s/o John
Chelwood Abraham John 31-Aug-1726 3-Sep-1726 senr
Chelwood Abraham George 13-Apr-1728 17-Apr-1728 buried in churchyard
Abbey & St James' Graveyard for the Poor Abrahams Ann 1822 19-Mar-1841 18
Smallcombe Vale (Bathwick Burial Board) Abrahams Ann 1818 24-Apr-1882 28-Apr-1882 63
Smallcombe Vale (Bathwick Burial Board) Abrahams Hannah 1800 15-Mar-1881 20-Mar-1881 80
Smallcombe Vale (Bathwick Burial Board) Abrahams George William 1874 3-May-1878 12-May-1878 3
Smallcombe Vale (Bathwick Burial Board) Abrahams Margaret Annie 1869 29-Nov-1904 4-Dec-1904 35
Smallcombe Vale (Bathwick Burial Board) Abrahams Samuel 1843 22-Nov-1904 25-Nov-1904 61
Smallcombe Vale (Bathwick Burial Board) Abrahams Maria 1844 4-Dec-1907 9-Dec-1907 63
Smallcombe Vale (Bathwick Burial Board) Abrahams Martha Margaret 1804 10-Feb-1880 15-Feb-1880 75
Bath Union Workhouse Abrahams Hannah 1801 9-Dec-1848 47
Bath Union Workhouse Abrahams Cornelius 1868 24-Feb-1868 0 3w
Bath Union Workhouse Abrahams George 1805 4-Dec-1879 74
Bath Union Workhouse Abrahams William 1805 24-Oct-1881 76
Bath Union Workhouse Abrahams Georgina 1854 31-Aug-1893 39
Bath Union Workhouse Abrahams Selina 1852 18-Feb-1895 42
Bathwick (Old St Mary's and St John's) Abrahams Matilda 1825 13-Sep-1827 1
Bathwick (Old St Mary's and St John's) Abrahams John 1835 10-Feb-1837 1