Bath Burial Index

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Cemetery id Surname Forenames Born (approx.) Died Buried Agesort descending Notes
Newton St Loe Fisher Henry 26-Oct-1746
Hinton Charterhouse Goddard William 16-Jan-1621
St Swithin's Robins Mary 26-May-1754
St Swithin's Hammett Anne 13-Apr-1784
St Swithin's Moulam James 15-May-1799
St Swithin's Morshead Edward 20-Nov-1811 Revd; PROB 11/1528/251 16-Dec-1811 Will of Reverend Edward Morshead, Clerk, Vicar of Quethick, Cornwall and Rector of Pethick, Cornwall
Weston Launey Charles 7-Jun-1797
Combe Hay Husband Mary 17-Nov-1766 d/o William & Marg
Chew Stoke Norris Anne 3-Jan-1694
Farleigh Hungerford Best Jeremiah 31-Jan-1693
Locksbrook Weston Weeks Mary 1905 1905
St Michael's Hayden Rebecca 12-Apr-1799
Locksbrook - St Swithin's, Walcot Davis Elizabeth 1876 29-May-1876
Locksbrook - St Swithin's, Walcot Westgate Mary Ann 1918 1919
St James, Bath Appleby William 20-Sep-1779 c
Bath Abbey Cottell Jane 11-Sep-1756
Newton St Loe Whyat Mary 4-Dec-1748
Hinton Charterhouse Hackens John 25-Oct-1718 s/o George
St Swithin's Cottle Anne 2-Sep-1754
St Swithin's Hayes Thomas 1-May-1784
St Swithin's Newman Elizabeth 25-May-1799 Mrs
St Swithin's Nuth Elizabeth 9-Dec-1811
Combe Hay Flower Sarah 7-Aug-1770 spinster
Chew Stoke Nurse Robert 5-Jan-1695
St Michael's Hayward Job 11-Dec-1774
St Thomas à Becket and St Mark's, Widcombe Budd Mary 17-Jan-1758
St James, Bath Blooman Mary 23-Oct-1779
Bath Abbey Jernegan Margaret 23-Dec-1756 wid/o Sir John, née Bedingfield
Newton St Loe Morris Martha 17-Jan-1752 20-Jan-1752 w/p John; no forename in burial register
Freshford Freeman James 1796 21-Apr-1796 no age in register
Hinton Charterhouse Harris Sarai 28-Mar-1638 d/o Thomas
St Swithin's Petheram James 23-Nov-1754
St Swithin's Bartley John 15-May-1784
St Swithin's Long William 3-Jun-1799
St Swithin's Eyres Thomas 4-Jan-1812
Baptist Burial Ground, Snow Hill Baker (child) 1-Jul-1813
Twerton Cemetery Price John 1922 12-Apr-1922
Weston Blakeney Jane 27-May-1779 Miss
Weston Layton John 9-Jun-1793
Combe Hay Wilshire William 16-May-1774 17-May-1774 senr
Chew Stoke Lassberry Mary 15-Feb-1698
Farleigh Hungerford Marven John 5-Jul-1718 s/o Joseph & Mary
St Michael's Head William 10-Jan-1788
St James, Bath Moore Mary 6-Dec-1779
Bath Abbey Swallow Elizabeth 29-Apr-1757 Mrs
Newton St Loe Dowlace William 18-Feb-1753 s/o James & Elizabeth
Hinton Charterhouse Hart Elizabeth 24-Mar-1648 w/o Robert
St Swithin's Pillinger Bride 14-Jan-1755
St Swithin's Powell Martha 12-Jun-1784 a pauper
St Swithin's Cotton John 17-Jun-1799